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EYLA – Lacrosse Try-Out Update


Greeting Lacrosse Parents,

The Exeter Youth Lacrosse Board met last night to lay-out the plans for the upcoming 2015 Season.  You will be receiving a few different emails over the next couple of weeks which provides additional information on our upcoming Winter Clinic which will include training from Lacrosse Experts from around the region, Coach’s Clinics, and a Parents Lacrosse Meeting night.

The most important information the EYLA board wanted to provide to you at this point is an update on try-outs for U11, U13, and U15.  There is a cold-front coming in this weekend that is going to drop the temperatures down in the 20s and 30s for both Saturday and Sunday.  While there may not be snow, the cold is still not the best temperature to have your child performing to their best for a Lacrosse try-out.  EYLA just finalized indoor time at Granite Fields in January and February which was not available at the start of registrations.  These indoor times are mainly going to be used for our Winter Clinics but we have set aside a few dates now for try-outs.  Based on this new information and the weather, we are moving the try-outs for the programs as follows:

GIRLS – U11 and U13 will be held on Sunday January 25th between 4 PM to 7:30 PM.  Specific times for each age group will be sent out in early January.  Currently there are no try-outs for U15 girls as based on the numbers; Exeter will field one U15 team.

BOYS – U11, U13, and U15 will be held on Sunday February 15th between 4 PM to 8 PM.  There will be a 2nd look session on Thursday February 19th between 4 PM to 8 PM.  Specific times for each age group will be sent out in early February.

We apologize for delaying the try-outs but have made the decision with your child’s development in mind.  The indoor space along with ability for your child to participate in a few clinics prior to try-outs will also assist in their performance. 

As noted in previous emails – there are no try-outs for all U9 programs.  Registration at the reduced rate of $215 will continue through this Thursday November 13th.  Credit cards are now the preferred method of payment. If another payment method is needed or a Financial Scholarship has been granted please reach directly out to Wayne Demers at wdemers@comcast.net. All members must have payment made to EYLA before their child can participate in both the program and try-outs. Please register at the following link - http://exeteryouthlacrosse.org/.

Please email us any questions you may have.


The Exeter Youth Lacrosse Association Board


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Boys and Girls Stick Skills Clinics
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Used Equipment and Goals
Hi All,   As you begin your spring cleaning keep the Exeter...
Choosing the Correct Girls Stick
Hi All, We have had a number of inquiries regarding choosing the...
New Exeter High School Girls Lacrosse Web Site.
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2012 Girls Youth Night
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2010 EHS Girls Lacrosse Team with EYLA Players
2010 Exeter High School Girls Youth Lacrosse Night Each year...
Custom Made Mouth Guards
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Boys and Girls Stick Skills Clinics

Greeting Exeter Lacrosse Families,

 EYLA is pleased to announce the following opportunities for both your sons and daughters to sharpen their lacrosse skills prior to the 2015 Spring season and try-outs. 

 As the cold weather moves in, it is now time to move indoors as we are offering our annual Winter Clinic at Granite Fields.  New this year for our program are the Boys Clinics will be run by Coach Todd Francis of The Lacrosse Institute (TLI) and on the Girls side, it will be run by Julie Kraus and Sam Whitney from Plymouth State University and the Lighthouse Lacrosse program.  Both TLI and Lighthouse are highly respected and bring a new level of instructions for your child.  Registration is now open at www.exeteryouthlacrosse.org.

The Boys sessions will start up on Thursday January 8th and run every Thursday through February 19th.  The boy’s time slots are as follows:

U9/U11 – 4:15 to 5:45

U13/U15 – 6 PM to 8 PM

The Girls sessions will start up on Monday January 5th and run every Monday through February 16th.  The girl’s time slots are as follows:

U9/U11 – 4:15 to 5:30

U13/U15 – 5:30 PM to 7 PM

Please note the Winter Clinics are designed for 2nd year and above players.  There will be clinics at different times and locations for new players.  The cost for each participant is $115.  In addition to the skills clinic, we will also be offering specialty skill nights on select Sunday’s in January and February.  This will include goalie, face-off, defense, and scrimmages. 

Our program is growing every year and we hope to continue to offer more to keep the kids with a stick in their hands and a love of the game.

Please note that our regular spring season will begin indoors this year after the February break on the same nights and times listed. We will have more details as we get closer.

The EYLA Board

by posted 11/26/2014
Used Equipment and Goals
Hi All,
As you begin your spring cleaning keep the Exeter Youth Lacrosse program in mind. Each year we outfit a small group of new players with equipment. Without this equipment they would not be able to afford the game. This year we have depleted our supply of gently used gear. As you clean out the garage or closet in the playroom please keep us in mind. If you have any equipment that you feel would benefit a new young player please consider passing it on to the Exeter Youth Lacrosse program. If you have used equipment you may drop it off at 7 Granite Street in Exeter. Just leave it on the front steps if no one is home.
Also, if you have an old goal sitting in your back yard that you would like to get out of the yard please let me know. I will happily make arrangements to come by and pick up the goal. This season we have 278 players playing on U9, U11, U13, & U15 boys and girls teams. We also have an additional 55 Little Guys (K-2) playing our Saturday morning program. We need more playing space and more goals than ever before.
Thank you for your consideration and come watch our teams play at their home field behind the old Exeter High School. The NH Youth Lacrosse Association season (U11 – U15) begins on April 14th this year and the U9 season begins on April 20th.
by posted 04/06/2013
Choosing the Correct Girls Stick
Hi All,

We have had a number of inquiries regarding choosing the correct girl’s stick. Coach Preneta (Girls varsity coach at Exeter High School) has done some research and recommends the following choices:
Brine Amonte or Amonte 2
STX Exult
Nike sticks are made by STX so basically the same, just different colors.
The final analysis seems to be that when purchasing a girl’s stick you are better off buying a better stick. The better stick will make catching and throwing easier and unlike the boys sticks which get broken on a regular basis the girls sticks can last for a number of years. The boy’s game is much more physical with more stick checking which results in more broken sticks.
by posted 02/28/2013
New Exeter High School Girls Lacrosse Web Site.
Hi All,

Below is the link to the new Exeter High School Girls Lacrosse Team web site. Stop by and visit when you get a minute.


by posted 08/18/2012
2012 Girls Youth Night

Hi All,

On May 4th the Exeter High School varsity girls hosted the Exeter Youth Lacrosse girls teams and the CMS team to a night of excellent lacrosse and a clinic after the game. A good time was had by all!!!

by posted 05/08/2012
2010 EHS Girls Lacrosse Team with EYLA Players

2010 EHS Varsity Lacrosse Team with EYLA Players

2010 Exeter High School
Girls Youth Lacrosse Night

Each year the players from the EYLA girl’s teams are invited to attend a special high school varsity lacrosse game. After the game the youth players are invited onto the field to participate in drills conducted by the varsity girls. All players are welcome and we hope to have a full turnout for the 2011 High School Youth Night. Game date will be announced in the spring once the team’s schedule has been announced. A boy’s night will also be scheduled.

by posted 09/25/2010
Custom Made Mouth Guards

Hi All,


Once again this season Dr. Churchill is offering Custom made Mouth Guards free as a community service to any player in our program. I cannot stress the importance of using mouth guards to protect against concussions. If your player is baulking at wearing a mouth guard because it doesn’t fit correctly, this may be for you.


You should also be aware that league and US Lacrosse rules require all players to wear mouth guards. A change to the rule this year requires all mouth guards to be colored – so that officials can easily determine whether a player does, in fact, have a mouth guard in place.


I have talked to one parent who took advantage of this last year and she was very pleased with the service that she received.




My name is Dr. Katherine Churchill and I am a dentist in Exeter.  I have just recently started a youth mouth guard community service program that has been approved by the Exeter Parks and Recreation department.  I know that the Exeter Lacrosse program is an independent organization and would like to invite your program's athletes to join as well.  The program provides one free custom fit mouth guard to each athlete age 5-18 per year.  Additional mouth guards and or duplicates are $10 each within the same year.   To have a custom mouth guard made, a quick impression of their upper teeth takes approx. 5 minutes.  We make the mouth guards in our office so turn around is fairly quick.  We can even make mouth guards that can be attached directly to helmets as well.  Please let me know if you would like to participate in this program.   You can call me any questions at my office or discuss details at: (603) 772-3351 (M-Th 8am- 5pm).  Thank you for your time.  I hope to hear from you soon.


Dr. Katherine Churchill


by posted 03/31/2009
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